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Saskatchewan Solar Energy Incentives

Benefits of Solar

Among all the benefits of solar panels, the most important thing is that solar energy is truly a renewable resource. It can be harnessed in all areas of the world and is available every day. We cannot run out of solar energy, unlike some of the other sources of energy. Solar energy will be accessible as long as we have the sun.  


In addition to the benefits solar energy has on the environment, it can also have a lasting impact on your savings. There are several Saskatchewan solar incentives available to homes and business that utilize solar energy. For instance, you can receive solar energy rebates and tax incentives. SaskPower even offers a $0.61/Watt rebate that can help you save 20% or more on your energy costs!

Since you will be meeting some of your energy needs with the electricity your solar system has generated, your energy bills will drop. How much power savings you see will be dependent on the size of the solar system and your electricity usage. Moreover, not only will you be saving on the electricity bill, but if you generate more electricity than you use, the surplus can be exported back to the grid and you can receive bonus credits. The credits and savings you generate during the summer months will offset the darker winter months.

Solar energy systems are virtually maintenance free and have warranties for up to 25 years! Contrary to any misconception, solar energy systems hold up against extreme weather such as hail and are constructed with very high-quality materials.

Energy rates continue to climb with aging infrastructure and increased population. Investing in Solar locks in your current rates with a guarantee of no price increase!

Solar energy will continue to become a more important energy source in the future. There are several Saskatchewan solar incentives that help make solar energy a smart investment for your home or business. Solar energy is a sustainable, reliable, and cost-saving source of energy that will only increase in importance as time goes on. Call us today to learn how we can help you save money on your energy bill and harness the power of solar energy for the future. 

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The time has never been better to free yourselves from the shackles of the power company or at least soften the blow!

With a $0.61/Watt (equivalent to 20% or more) SaskPower rebate how can you not consider at least locking in a portion of your power bill?

Feel good about making an investment that's good for the environment and also your pocket book

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