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Rural Solar Panel Installation for Agriculture

Agricultural solar panels are extremely beneficial for farmers in Saskatchewan. Our rural customers know that solar generation is a good investment! Why?

Power Usage

Rural customers typically have larger overall electrical needs than residential customers. When you are running a farm with grain dryers, water pumps, barn ventilation, welders and more, it adds up to large power bill!  However, by installing solar panels for farm use we can drastically help farmers save money and run their business more efficiently. 

Wide Open Spaces


Rural sites have lots of land! This means that you not only have the choice of where you locate your solar panel array, but you can use a ground mount system. Positioning your farm solar power system to minimize shading is critical for maximizing the production of your system (and your return on investment.)

Ground Mount

A ground mount system has advantages over a rooftop. In a fixed system, it allows for your array to be installed at the optimal angle for maximum production in your location. A ground mount system is also easier to install and service.

Solid Long-Term Investment

On top of Saskpower's Net Metering and Power Generation Partner programs and incentives, the federal government allows for an accelerated capital depreciation for corporations. This further reduces the payback period on an already attractive long-term investment! A typical system can see annualized returns of 7-10% in savings on your power bill.


Advancements in technology and the maturing of the global market have driven the costs of solar generation equipment down considerably. It may surprise you how affordable a solar generation system is for your farm or acreage.

Sundawg Solar has the means and the expertise to make this happen! We can install efficient, high-performance solar panels for agriculture in Saskatchewan.

Contact us today to rid yourself of that power bill with our agricultural solar panels!