The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West! Every single day!

About Us

Who we are

Two Industrial Electronic Engineering Technologists and one Electronic Systems Engineering Technologist passionate about making a positive impact on the environment!

Over 40 years of a variety of industrial electrical and electronic experience!

What we do

We take care of everything from start to finish. No detail is left unattended.  We ensure a project isn't completed until you are 100% satisfied.  

We provide a complete onsite inspection prior to final quotation and take out all necessary permits and submit all applications on your behalf! 

Every detail is spelled out and included in our fees!  There are no surprises!

Affordable for everyone

We have options to fit just about anyone's budget!

There has never been a better time to Invest in your future security and power freedom!

It Makes Sense!


Once you have solar you will never pay another increase in power!

Affordable for everyone!


Pay your project off in 10-12 years.  

Generate free clean power for years to come!

Doesn't cost you anymore then your current power!


20 % rebates on panel installations valued up to 100K.

Now is the time to act!