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Professional Solar Panel Installation in Saskatchewan

25 year warranty on power production, 10 year workmanship warranty, Included on all solar installations!

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At Sundawg Solar, we provide quality solar energy panel installation in Saskatchewan. All our employees are motivated, forward-thinking, and passionate about preserving our planet’s resources through solar technology. Our professional team members are trusted experts who will help make your home or business more energy efficient.


Our team is factory trained in solar panel installation, so you can rest assured that your solar panels are set up correctly and will work right away.


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We are a solar installation company that takes pride in its ability to exceed all customer expectations. We are a trained team that only utilizes the highest quality products and names in the business!

We aren't happy til you are!

What are you waiting for? Solar energy in Saskatchewan is the future, and we install only the most effective, high-quality solar solutions that save you money. Schedule a no obligation consultation today to see how we can help with your energy needs.